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How to Select Fabrics for Your Custom Order

When going through the custom order process it can often be difficult to choose fabrics. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to select fabrics for your custom order.

Sunbrella Elements Collection fabric book being used to select fabrics for a custom Atlanta Bed Swings
Erin looking through fabrics.

  1. Take note of your space aesthetic. The colors, textures, and items in a space dictate the aesthetic.

  2. Determine the styles you are looking for. Now that you know your space aesthetic go ahead and define your search a little more before starting. For example, if you have gray floors and white brick in the space, going with a gray palette with some dark accents would be one recommendation.

  3. Head to our fabric sites. We offer any fabrics available at the links below. Simply browse the options at these links:

Once you have made your selections, head over to our custom page and fill out the form. Already reached out? Contact your representative, email, or call us.

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