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Frequently Asked

  • How do I know my ceiling will hold a bed swing?
    Any house built after 1960 that the ceiling is supporting a roof or another story, can have a bed swing installed. We require a minimum of 2x6 bracing to support our bedswings. If your house was built before then, contact us
  • What is the weight limit?
    The recommended weight limit is 800 lbs of guest weight with normal usage gliding forward and backwards.
  • What size are the bed swings/ What size space do I need?
    A twin size bed swing is 84” x 42” tip to tip with a 75” x 39” mattress. It is best to have at least 18” behind and 8” on each side. Many feel best with 24” clearance in front to walk. Adjustments to these measurements can be made and create a bed swing that fits your space. Please feel free to provide the measurements of your space, including photos, and we will give feedback on recommended size.
  • Can I install if I have slanted ceiling?
    Yes, we install on slanted ceilings. We recommend ropes or cables for the hanging material. If you would prefer rods, it is best if all four are the same and then chain is added to the top of the two short points- this helps the look stay symmetrical.
  • Can I have my bed swing installed if I have underdecking?
    Yes, our installers do install in ceilings with underdecking as long as the above structure is wood. The extra fee for underdecking installation is $100 additional labor not including any bracing if bracing is required. If you have further questions please let me know.
  • Do you install in Nashville/Cashiers/ 30A?
    ABS installs our bed swing order in surrounding cities and states. We do understand that finding reliable handymen that can install a product like ours is challenging. There is a $125 distance fee per hour after the first hour. If the location is over 3 hours away it is probable you will also have an overnight fee for the install team as that would be an estimate of over seven hours of work.
  • Crib Size measurements?
    60” x 31” tip to tip with a 52” x 28” mattress size This size often needs bracing as the points do not go directly to traditional ceiling rafters. Atlanta Bed Swings commonly makes what we call Crib Size Plus. 65” x 42” tip to tip. This size fits where many are wanting a crib size and does not need bracing as often as the smaller size.
  • What is your lead time?
    We are currently at a 6 week turn around time from order to installation.
  • We are under construction and want to plan for a bed swing…
    Great! We have a PDF document to provide the contractor for the bracing, if needed, for where you want the bed swing. About 50% of contractors do not follow these well so there is a “fine” listed if our installer arrives and can not find the correct bracing you hired someone to do. Since adding the fine information to the PDF contractors have been successfully doing the bracing so that you, the homeowner, are not paying them AND us to do this task.
  • What is the warranty?
    We have a one year warranty on the frame, we have helped a customer with issues that have occurred after this time up to 18 months The fabrics have a 5 year warranty- we partner with the fabric company to provide this warranty. (critters chewing the pillows is not covered in the fabric warranty)
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